Founded in 1998, Impianti Sdn Bhd is a leading regional specialist distributor in the field of spray technology and fluid handling application namely, paint spraying machine, industrial spraying machine. These products are used to supply, measure, move, control, dispense and apply a wide range of fluids and viscous materials, in the contractor and industrial market.

Association with key equipment manufacturers enables Impianti Sdn Bhd to provide solutions of the highest reliability and durability, from providing the best Isocyanate and Polyol mix in panel manufacturing projects to eliminating volatile organic compound usage for the strictest health, safety, & environmental work requirement compliance.

The combination of more than 150 years of expert experience with a commitment towards excellence in service ensures the provision of the highest value adding product and the highest commitment in after sales services by the company.

  • Expert Knowledge and Experience
    Value Added Services
    Expert Knowledge and Experience
    Ensuring the best products and services to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Comprehensive Inventory
    Value Added Services
    Comprehensive Inventory
    Ensuring the availability of the best equipment and critical spares to meet project needs or any unscheduled breakdown contingencies.
  • Provision of Technical Training, Equipment and Application Related
    Value Added Services
    Provision of Technical Training, Equipment and Application Related
    Ensuring fundamental understanding on the usage of equipment and its related applications are passed on to the customers, i.e. equipment users, supervisors or material suppliers.
  • Provision Of In Situ And In House Technical Support
    Value Added Services
    Provision Of In Situ And In House Technical Support
    Technical support through equipment commissioning, repair, service and maintenance, replacement to enhance equipment usage understanding and minimizing downtime.
  • Availability Of Test And Demonstration Facility
    Value Added Services
    Availability Of Test And Demonstration Facility
    Equipped with a comprehensive range of equipment and components to test and demonstrate the correct equipment to be used for the different types of material application.
Why Impianti?
Expert in Product Knowledge and Experience
Quality Workmanship with Over 150 years of combined experiences in equipment, applications, coatings, chemical
Trusted and Reliable
Commitment Towards Excellent in Service
Comprehensive Inventory in Equipment and Spares
Authorized Manufacturers' Representatives